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for your home or bususess - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >>> washington wizards all star gilbert arenas on the sidelines tonight. nba suspended him indefinitely, without pay for brandishing a gun in the team's locker room. arenas admitted he had the gun saying he was simply playing a joke on a teammate. he has since apologized for actions. he could be in more trouble than just the suspension. local and federal law enforcement are investigating the incident. professional athletes consider themselves potential targets and carry weapons to protect themselves but sometimes carrying a weapon can end up causing trouble for athletes. in 2008 pro football player plaxico burris accidentally shot himself in the leg with a gun he was carrying at a nightclub. now sending a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to weapons charges. >> with more on athletes and guns, roger kosik, espn legal analyst. and mike wise, sports columnist for "washington post." glad you could make it. roger, let's start with you. what happened to the days of the harlem globe trotters? so clean cut, n
the economy and partisanship in washington but press secretary robert gibbs says republicans are exaggerating the massachusetts message. >> if republicans want to assume that the outcome of what happened in massachusetts is a big endorsement of their policies when 40% are enthust a enthustastic about them i hope they misread that election as badly as anybody could. >> the republicans say it's the obama white house that doesn't get the message voters are sending. >> what happened in massachusetts is part of an american awakening. we saw it in virginia, new jersey, we see it all over the country in tea parties, in town halls, people are alarm and angry about the spending and debt and government takeovers. >> the white house says it's eager to see if republicans are willing to work more with the president but the senate's top republican says the burden lies with the president and his fellow democrats. >> you look at the first year of this administration and we haven't made much progress. we passed a deficit, a budget that doubles the national debt in five years and triples it in ten and tried to
the washington game is after a tough election like you had last week in massachusetts is to say, well, what must we have here? some white houses in the past have had big shakeups and you decided in the obama white house to give a bigger role to david mruf. he will now take a bigger role outside of the white house and keeping a closer eye on public opinion and senate and house races across the country. there are some, david, who are saying what about inside the white house? shouldn't we have a shakeup there. this is an administration that has been too differential in crafting policy and some would say too close with wall street and not close enough with main street. do you need to shake up your inside team? >> that is part of the washington game. washington loves to throw out a body. nothing that gets washington more excited than the prospect of someone losing their job. the fact is that we have a wonderful group in the white house that is working really hard and david, as value added, we love him and off writing a book for a year and we're happy to have his talents back with us on a more regular
up with the nation about it. but i will -- that's part of the game, john, that washington plays, which is would you, might you, so on and so forth. i will not do that here. let's wait and see, first of all, if there is such a commission, because it's a proposal that has not been embraced by the congress. and let's see what a bipartisan effort to deal with these deficits will produce. by the way, if anybody has a plan to do this without raising any taxes on anybody, you know upper income or lower or below, then they should come forward with it. nobody wants to raise taxes. >> you call it the washington game, part of what you call the washington game is after a tough election like last week in massachusetts, to say what must we have here? some white houses in the past have had big shake ups. you want to give a bigger role to your partner in the obama campaign, he will take a big role outside of the white house, and keep a closer eye on the public opinion and senator races across the country. this is an administration that has been too deferential to congress in crafting policy, an
didn't fire anyone? >> no. because that is typical washington. hey, let me quickly fire somebody, and make everybody happy and we are all good. no, he is saying that we have a more serious issue here and that is the inability to connect the dots. if you also look at that intelligence report that came out of afghanistan and the inability of americans there to understand what is happening locally on the ground, and we have a much broader issue that we have been dealing with since 9/11 and that the inability to know what is happening on the ground, and also of the weak innocence the hiring of people who can actually study the data and the understanding of what it means. >> i was surprised at how candid they were in the summary, in this report, and when they said, amanda, that they didn't know that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, in yemen, specifically, had this operational capability, and thought it was aspirational. >> candor is nice. >> but those were some of the shocks that we were warned about and it is out there and everyone should read it. >> i am sure that the classified v
by sending a republican to washington to replace ted kennedy. scott brown has played on the theme, make me a head senator. in other words, he wants to go to washington, scott brown has campaigned in a state he carried by saying, i want to vote against the obama health care plan. i want to fight the president. i think the stimulus care plan was wrong. there is too much spending in washington. it appeals to independent vot s voters. scott brown would run around the stage saying, no, this is the people's seat. so you have one that had a better campaign, had more ads and more energy, and they think they are on the edge of what will be drama for them. it has been 23 years. they believe in less than 24 hours, me might have a in this early month, the first month of mid-term election year, john. >> where we talk about a political phenomenon, and always leading up to it is the word intensity, especially important with a special selection like this, because you all have to deal with slated comments. as far as intensity, what did we see heading out to the polls today? >> the intensity is off the cha
intent on defrauding the government. given the billions in recovery act dollars that washington is dol doling out. federal investigators are finding bid rigging for the highway companies. they've been occluding for expansion of state highways. the attorney general has 25 investigations under way, a dozen of which has been referred to the department of justice for prosecution. other cases involve what the government calls disadvantaged business enterprise fraud. women bidding for contracts, and after taking a cut, passing the work to a non-qualified contracter. inspectors general are aggressively searching for stimulus fraud, certain that corruption will affect recovery act spending. >> fraud will occur. typically we see false statements, false claims, conflict of interest, anti-trust violations. >> the latest stimulus scorecard ten months into the recovery act, 106 active investigations. investigators say they're only just beginning. every department is training federal, state and municipal workers in fraud detection, anticipating that corrupt contractors view recovery act funds as a p
know it's not true. >> joining us from washington is cnn political editor mark preston. mark, we saw the president go to that republican retreat and we saw the sparring. what i want to know is was there anyone that gained politically because of this? >> you know, a very good question, because i was talking to a democratic lobbyist very early this morning, and he raised that same question. he said, look, president obama went there, he seemed to do very well because he was willing to engage republicans on their turf. republicans probably did okay because they were willing to here president obama out. the question is did congressional democrats do well, because if president obama, you know, goes to one of these events and he's critical of congressional democrats, which he was there, as well as congressional republicans, for the bitterness that is -- that we're seeing on capitol hill, are they going to lose out. so, you know, it's something we'll see play out over the next few months. but, you know, look, they were very civil, they didn't agree on the issues, and i don't really expect th
into new york, we were in washington. we had lunch over at the white house with the president of the united states. the restrictions, i want to be up front with our viewers, what we can and can't report, but to make a long story short, it was a fascinating opportunity that all of us had to get some insight into what he will do and won't do tonight. it should be no surprise to our viewers, the emphasis is going to be not on health care, but on jobs. >> on jobs, jobs, jobs, and the president will try to make a down payment on fiscal constraits and definite at this time vie ducks. to echo -- this is a tradition, past presidents have done it. it's gracious of the president to share his thoughts and his staff to share his thoughts. the president feels more comfortable in the past. this is the third time in the hall for a joint session, the first one officially the state of the union, and obviously well aware of the significant challenge he faces. the health care reform, but the question is, can they punch it in? and what can they do in this environment post the special election in massachusetts,
and wind. and in a snowy washington, d.c., president obama met with former president george h.w. bush. apparently it was just for a social meeting. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> let's talk again about toyota, one of the biggest automakers in this country. as more recalls are recalled with potentially sticky accelerators, we heard from the japanese automaker president issue an apology saying our vehicles are indeed safe. what do you do if you own a toyota, and how do you get some assurance now that safety is still first for toyota? we've got with us from detroit executive director of "auto week" magazine and autoweek.com. i want to reiterate what the associated press is reporting, that the u.s. government approved a part by toyota to keep the gas pedal from sticking. don't know if that part is from japan or in the u.s. apparently it will be made available across this country come thursday. how does this strike you? >> it strikes me as odd because i don't know they figured out what the problem is exactly. is this going to fix -- is this the shim? is this because of the conde
of a lady who did not make it, from the rubble in haiti. let's go to washington. governor ed rendell, democrat of pennsylvania, has just come back from haiti accompanying 53 children from the orphanage in port-au-prince. how did this come about, ed? >> the brezhnev orphanage was run by two women out of pittsburgh. when the earthquake happened, they had to keep the kids outside, no sanitation, very little food and water. they called home and were connected with the wonderful pittsburgh medical center. they tried to get the ability to take them out, they couldn't do it. they called me, i couldn't get anywhere. then we saw the haitian ambassador being interviewed on cnn. so i called into the station and said, can you get a message from me to ambassador joseph? they did, the ambassador called me, he started the ball rolling. then we got great cooperation from the department of homeland security, immigration, the state department, the military was terrific. we got on a plane yesterday morning, monday morning, at 11:30 from pittsburgh. we reached the port-au-prince at about 6:00. we were t
will come to washington tomorrow, his first trip, to meet with the massachusetts delegation. he'll also spend some time with senator john mccain who was one of his earliest supporters, but ooh a fascinating story and after his event and his news conference in boston, we were retracing key steps with his campaign and they understand it has fundamentally changed the health care debate in washington, but what they say the fundamental issue in massachusetts was disaffection, the same factors that contributed to the president's big victory in 2008, frustration about the economy, high unemployment and bailouts on wall street, high spending and a couple of key quick points. scott brown, the republican used john kennedy, an ad where john kennedy is talking about cutting taxes in the 1960s. it started with plaque and white john kennedy and it came to scott brown in color finishing the quote, saying that's what i want to do, restoring the kennedy, economic philosophy and they say don't underestimate the christmas day attempted bombing of the u.s. jetliner. they say after that, scott brown. he's a
on the margins when it comes to jobs creation? >> look, the business cycle is more powerful than washington. washington likes to, or has the illusion they have some control over the economy in the near term. the electorate likes to share that illusion. it's just not true. this business cycle turning, as it was turning -- >> when you say "the business cycle," what are you talking about? like the weather cycle? >> no. look, we live in a free market economy. a capitalist economy. part and parcel of a capitalist economies are upswings and downswings in economic activity. it has nothing to do with stimulus package or bad policy or good policy. it's going to happen anyway. all right? there's been -- i think we've had for a couple of decades a relatively moderate business cycle, and a lot of patting ourselves on the back saying we did a good job. we may have just been lucky to a degree. >> chrystia, you look puzzled by that. >> i'm not puzzled, but i disagree. i think we are being, we are giving the government and not just the u.s. government, but global governments, far too little credit, and we
from washington to talk about the new directives and the story developing out of yemen. the new directives in effect tomorrow. >> these are dramatic, brooke. starting tomorrow, tsa is mandating every person flying into the u.s. from or through a country that's a state sponsor of terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go through a hand screening or secondary screening. that can include body scans, patdowns and other regulations. and this is sure to slow down the boarding process but it also comes after the u.s. government stepping up counterterrorism efforts in yemen which is emerging as a more serious front in the war on terror. on the southern tip of the arabian peninsula where the red sea meets the indian ocean is yemen. that's where a strike just last month killed three al qaeda members suspected of targeting the u.s. embassy for attack. cnn has learned a fourth was captured with his suicide vest on. according to his senior u.s. military official. now the u.s. and british embassies have been closed because of continued threats in the area. >> there are i
, and then if you look at the deficits, there is not the courage in washington we saw yesterday in the senate vote on the commission, as we see in the president's own freeze, which has been derided by democrats, as well as republicans, he's freezing domestic discretionary spending at a level 20% above what he inherited, so you know, if you look at it, campbell, on the domestic side, i think these are very real danger here, that his program, his domestic program is dead on arrival before he speaks. i think that challenge for him tonight is to revive people's belief in him, that he can actually deliver as a leader. >> and candy, do they get that at the white house? i mean do they feel the same way? >> sure. >> the pressure is that intense? >> oh, the pressure is intense. there's absolutely no doubt about that but let's remember, he's one quarter through his administration, so i don't think we can kiss it off quite yet, and let's also remember that the story can change. you know, there was 9/11. it totally changed george bush's administration. things can happen. david is not wrong. it is just a horri
make washington different sooner. the independents don't like at you will the part sdplanship. tonight they sent a message. >> larry: jessica we heard what a bad or poor candidate martha coakley was. in her concession speech she seemed clear-headed and had a nice voice and good approach to the crowd. what went wrong? >> reporter: you know, she's been an elected official in the state for many years, so she knows how to be with people. she's not unlikeable, but many felt she didn't have the fire in her belly. when you talk to folks on the street lashgsy, they didn't feel like she was going to do it pous. that she would fight for them. she did make some really crucial missteps. she went and asked a reporter what do you expect me to do? stand outside the baseball stadium and shake hands in the cold? in american politics the answer is yes. she came off as aloof, detached and voters felt it it. john was pointing out something that her pam contain has said over and over. there's a sense that change in washington hasn't come fast enough. there's a tidal wave of anger coming toward her that the
so maybe you don't have to. joining me in washington where you can find them only together on "state of the union" james carville and mary madeline. >> congratulations on your great year. all 50 states. >> thank you for being part of a great year. >> a good meal in every state. >> a couple meals in every state. don't tell the bean counters. at the very top you're hearing robert gibbs on the program earlier, a huge dust-up of whether to take khalid shaikh mohammed, other suspects from guantanamo bay and bring them to trial in a federal trial. after initially saying yes, new york city says no thank you. the administration is looking for somewhere else. do you believe, james carville, the administration will stand its ground and find a federal courthouse somewhere else in america? will there be backtracking and perhaps military commissions? >> i hope they find a federal court to try him. i'm not for trying this person as a soldier. i think he's a criminal and he ought to be tried as a criminal. interesting thing is, even when israelis caught ikeman, you know what they did? took him back
washington. our coverage will continue. i'm wolf blitzer here at the cnn center. campbell brown, thanks very much. the best political team on television. "larry king live" starts right now. >> larry: tonight, barack obama's first state of the union address. >> the president of the united states. >> larry: his big message, jobs and the economy. >> i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> larry: and an in-your-face challenge to republicans on health care. >> if anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums, bring down the deficit, cover the uninsured, strengthen medicare for seniors, let me know. >> larry: talking tough on terrorism. >> hundreds of al qaeda's fighters and affiliates have been captured or killed. >> larry: what did the president need to say and did he say it? is it going to make any difference? that's all next on a special edition. of "larry king live". well, the state of the union address is over. and the analysis is now continue as they do with us. if you missed any part of the speech, it will be repeated in one hour. wolf blitze
to washington to address these issues. i hope that as a nation and as a commonwealth, we can do better in the future. you know that as your attorney general, i will continue to fight and address them here with everybody in massachusetts who cares about these issues. thank you. >> larry: that's the speech by the attorney general coakley, conceding the election tonight to scott brown in massachusetts. a historic election. this has been a early edition of "larry king live." we will be back at midnight eastern, 9:00 pacific. we'll do some wednesday morning quarterbacking, as the attorney general said, with our pundits and analysis. all coming at midnight, 9:00 pacific. right now we turn it over to anderson cooper. more analysis and more coverage in haiti and "a.c. 360." anderson? >> larry, thanks very much. a lot of political analysis ahead, but i want to give you a quick update what is happening here in port-au-prince, a week after the quake, seven days. remarkable story tonight, underscoring both the good and the bad, the heart and the heartache. a woman was pulled from the rubble alive.
go to washington and be able to work with democrats to make health care reform a reality. only 28% wanted him to come to washington and stop everything and, again, i think, once again, the american people are far ahead of where washington is. i think we can get something done for the american people if we sit down and listen to each other and if we share dwrids and we work together on the pritorties. >> scott brown is willing to work with you, but he doesn't like the existing two bills. the president had a fascinating session on friday up in baltimore. i was in the back of the room and never seen anything like it. the president of the united states on television it was like question time in the british parliament. one thing he said was quite interesting. how he and the republicans disagree on several big issues when it comes to sweeping legislation. the president suggested maybe there is another one. . >> my hope would be that we can look at some of these component parts of what we're doing and maybe we break some of them up on different policy issues. >> was that a signal on heal
and what many independents believe is the same old poisonous washington. and scott brown tapded into that. and if was hesitation to run against obama on health care and the economy, and campbell, terrorism was used by the republican candidate. he himself is in the national guard. the christmas day incident was a turning point in the race, and his opponent, too soft. you would get him a lawyer and let him be tried in the american courts. not a lot to talk about that. >> sump a reminder to people. stand by. we are going to remind you where we were one year ago today. president obama sworn into office. take a look. hundreds of thousands witnesses this historic moment. promise, change, flash forward to last night. another candidate claiming the change. and a republican. today, barack obama represents a status quo. quite a turn around. he has many supporters wondering if he lost some of the magic and turned his campaign into a cause. can he get it back? that was the big question when we come back. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he re
are saying it's time for washington to do it, it will be -- it could be a fierce, fierce election campaign ahead come november. don. >> here's the interesting thing. you know, the midterms, it's going to be interesting, it's a referendum on the obama campaign. lots of blame to go around. some people are saying martha coakley thought she was going to win it so she didn't go out and campaign as hard so some are saying it's apathy on the part of voters. really the republicans got revved up even outside massachusetts donating some $12 million into scott brown's campaign. so really how much of this is the democratic party's own fault because they didn't get the same amount of support outside of massachusetts behind martha coakley? >> reporter: the lesson here is that the angry voters are the ones who are turning out to vote, which is what one of the key players in the coakley campaign said last night. scott brown was able to tap into it. he was able to tap into that anger. when i talk to democrats, they say the course correction democrats need is not necessarily a policy change but a communicat
political director paul steinhauser joins us live from washington. good to see you. also, in the nation's capital, "boston globe" washington bureau chief christopher roland. nathan gonzalez, political editor. good to see all of you, gentlemen. you know, did the outcome of the massachusetts race put the republicans in a different, more emboldened position as we lead up to the mid-term elections? >> yes. if you can buy the victories by the republicans in the contest last november where they grabbed back seats in virginia and in new jersey, couple that with this big huge victory and upset victory in massachusetts, remember, the republican candidate is now up to 30 points in early december. you put all that together and you have a big wakeup call. very loud wakeup call for the democrats when they have to defend the laernlg majorities in the senate and house in november. >> what did the democrats do wrong in the massachusetts race or an issue of the independents speaking loud and clear, say thing is not an issue of dem versus republican? >> well, the big problem was that barack obama ran as
attack on terrorism, amanda carpenter who writes the hot button column for "the washington times," anne kornblut from "the washington post." and margaret carlson, chief political columnist for bloomberg news. did the white house get what it wanted in that there was so much media focus in the buck stops here. >> they got more of what they wanted than they did the previous week. i was on the trip to hawaii with him. they got more of what they wanted then which is him in the spotlight, a short sound bite that everyone can repeat, and a sense that he's actually taking charge. now, the question of whether it's actually going to lead to any consequences for anyone, we'll be debating that for weeks, months, but for the short term i think they did get what they wanted this week mp. >> amanda carpenter, was the press seduced by a scripted sound bite? >> in a way i think so. if you look at the walk up to this, general james jones told "usa today" you will be shocked with what's coming out in this report. that whetted the appetite. then the next day the white house gave background statements to th
the panel, a lot of folks. two panels. roland martin, mary matalin. a whole host both in washington and in new york. >>> here in haiti, the second wave of deaths. tense of thousands dying in infections and ganggreen. 20,000 people a day may be dying unnecessarily because of a lack of splice. we'll take you to ground zero of that and show you some doctors that are very upset about the lack of supplies. we'll show you what they go through to get basic supplies to treat their patients. a massive new after shock today. a completely heartwrenching view of the quake as it happened. this is video we're seeing for first time ever. a man captured it all from his balcony. the moment of the earthquake overlooking the city of port-au-prince. that's his view of the quake far away from the buildings of port-au-prince. you can just see off in the distance that huge plume of flame going up. a lot of smoke. eight days ago now, it's been. eight days. just this morning, a nearly 6.0 after shock stunned the city. new damage, new casualties. a whole lot more fear tonight. also today another remarkable s
senator in washington. he knows he needs to keep support among the independent voter, the very same voters who gave barack obama his big margin just 14 months ago gave scott brown his improbable upset victory last night. he goes to washington with that challenge. he'll caucus with the white house. he says he opposes the health care plan as it now stands, opposes the big spending in washington, but he knows he's from an independent-minded state. he can't be, say, a senator from south carolina. south carolina republicans are different from massachusetts republicans. he sounded very independent. it will be fascinating to watch. his first trip to d.c. tomorrow, a few weeks before he's officially the senator. >> larry: the president said he doesn't want anything concrete to happen until he's seated. was the brown camp surprised at that? >> a bit surprised, but they think the president is correctly reading the results last night. that independent voters don't like what they see in washington. part of what they're saying -- remember, for all he said on the economy, health care, iraq, afghanistan,
for places like washington, d.c. we have a seen a lot of snow so far. we are still concerned. here's why. take a look at the current temperatures. in washington now, it is 31 degrees. we may get close to freezing as we go through the evening. with the sun shining we will see melting and down in southern virginia as well as the carolinas. the problem when you have the healthing is that you have the refreezing tonight. so overnight tonight, a lot of places will see the temperature drop below freezing and that includes the raleigh-durham chapel hill of the carolinas. that's where we will see a refreezing and advisory will continue until noon tomorrow. we will see a lot of ice, particularly on bridges and overpasses where it gets very cold and icy. watch out for that. that's where the advisories persist. when we take a closer look, at any more totals we are looking at definitely some improvements in the forecast. that's for sure. all right. let's take a look at tomorrow's weather forecast. hue pressure dominating. and we are going to be seeing sunshine in the forecast and looking much, much
in washington, d.c. heavier snow towards richmond. when you look to the south, we have freezing rain into southern virginia and in north carolina. freezing rain is just a nature to travel in. you can't get traction on the roads. the problem is we are not looking at a let-up. we see the temperatures. it's really cold out there. 19 degrees in richmond. 19 in roanoke, virginia. 22 in raleigh and 26 in charlotte. if you are in this region, this is the perfect weekend to just stay inside. we are not going to see a meltdown for a while. it will stay cold today, tonight and tomorrow. taking a look at what we can expect of the rest of the day, the heavy snow will persist in this region. thanks to this dome of high pressure right here, what we are going to see is a blockage keeping the storm further to the south, the northeast looking much better and dry. cold, but dry. more coming up. >> thanks, bonnie. >>> this fierce winter storm could get even worse in the carolinas. record snowfall there maybe topped off by a treacherous ice storm. tamara standing by in north carolina. very snowy, while
five countiecounties, and the ne hours could be critical. >>> and a rerows welcome in washington from republicans, but will he be the democrats' worst enemy? our cameras are there as scott brown makes his d.c. debut. >>> hundreds of survivors, many orphans, are near death this morning. doctors, unable to get their hands on basic medical supplies to save them. another aftershock rattling port-au-prince over night. no reports of injuries, no significant damage, just a lot of rattled nerves, an ambitious task set to begin in a week, and it's a logistical nightmare, the relocation of 400,000 homeless haitians to newly-built settlements on the outskirts of the capital. and stunning images showing the earthquake's sheer force. time-lapsed photos of the government's tax office the moment that it came tumbling down. >> there's also a critical development this morning altogether the main harbor in port-au-prince, inspiring much needed hope. the pier has been repaired. it's far from fully functional, but life-saving food and medical supplies can now be unloaded by sea. chris lawrence is li
saying he won't run in the fall either. dana bash joins us from washington. what led to senator dodd's decision not to seek re-election? >> reporter: a very, very tough re-election battle ahead, that's really the bottom line on this, john. as you know, senator chris dodd has made the united states senate his life. he's been in the senate for three decades, but he has had a series of very, very tough political battles. in connecticut, starting with the fact that he moved to iowa to run for president with his wife and his two small children, that's when connecticut voters started to turn on him, then the fact that he is the senate banking chairman and obviously wall street went south. there's been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he has close ties with the banking community. so all of those things, combined with the fact that it is just not a good potential year for democrats, made senator dodd decide finally to retire and not run again. >> so what does this mean for democrats in terms of their chances in the 2010 election? do they have a good solid candidate who could replace
of the union message to florida today. but back here in washington, one particular moment during his speech that has a lot of people all fired up right now. call it, if you will, president obama versus samuel alito. it happened when the president criticized the supreme court's recent ruling of campaign finance reform. listen to the president and watch justice alito. in the audience, shaking his head. >> with all due deference to separation of powers, last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the flood gates for special interests. including foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our election. >> take a look at samuel alito. he seems to be saying -- if you can read his lips, not true, not true. when supreme court justices attend the state of the union address, they usually try not to react to political statements made by the president. let's bring in our senior legal analyst, jefrry toobin. author of "the nine." what's the answer here, jeff? a, should the president have said what he said with justices of the supreme court present? b, should justic
your president and washington insiders say could have put the democratic party in jeopardy, in political jeopardy. this week former senator john edwards, a former democratic presidential contender, admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock with a videographer rielle hunter, all released in "the politician," by andrew young. young spoke to abc news last night about how a plan was devised for young to claim he was the baby's father. >> there wasn't a lot of time to sit back and contemplate, hey, is this logical? was it logical, no. was it stupid, yes. did we do the right thing morally, no. absolutely not. >> really stunning turn of events here. young writes he has a videotape that shows john edwards having sex with a woman who appears to be rielle hunter. >> there was one tape that was marked special and we're just aghast. it was a sex tape of rielle and john edwards, made just a couple of months before the iowa caucuses. >> are you absolutely sure that this is -- this is john edwards and rielle hunter? >> it is definitely him. you never see her face. it is a visibly pregn
with democrats to help health care reform a reality. 28% wanted him to come to washington and stop everything. once again the american people are far ahead of where washington is. i think we can get something done for the american people if we sit down and listen to each other. if we share ideas and work together. >> scott brown said he is willing to work with you, but he does not like the two existing bills, the house and the senate version. i was in the back of the room in baltimore, and never seen anything like that. the president of the united states with in question and answer forum. the president suggests maybe there is another way instead of sweeping legislation. >> my hope would be that we can look at some of the these component parts of what we are doing and maybe break some of them up on different policy issues. >> is that a signal on health care? would the president like speaker pelosi to pass the senate bill, or does the president think, let's test the republicens, if they said they would work with us, let's break up health care? >> i don't think that we know the answer on the pro
have been ordered to shut down too. allan chernoff is in washington this morning. a drastic move by toyota, 57% of the autos it makes, it's really an extraordinary number. >> reporter: absolutely, it is exceptional, john. these are vehicles that the company recalled six days ago, recalling, well, that's a pretty common step. but to take them off the market? absolutely exceptional. toyota is putting a not for sale sign on some of the most popular vehicles in america. eight models are affected, all were recalled just six days ago because the accelerator can get stuck in a partly depressed position, or it may return too slowly to an idle position. >> it's so unusual, it's not just a recall, which is expensive, they're actually going to stop selling some of their most popular models. >> reporter: the rav 46789, corolla, matrix, highlander, tundra and is a coy ya. in a statement, toyota said helping ensure the confidence in toyota are very important to our company, this action is necessary until a remedy is finalized. all of the vehicles are made in north america. plants in indiana, t
with revelations about a man who could had been your president, and washington insiders say could had put the democratic party in political jeopardy. this week, john edwards former democratic presidential contender admitting to fathering a child out of wedlock after lying to everyone, the american public, about it. the lure details are released today in a book called "the politician." it is authored by edwards' longtime confident andrew young. had surplanted to young to claim that he was the baby's father. >> there wasn't a lot of time sit back and to contemplate, hey is this logical? was it logical, no. was it stupid, yes. did we do the right thing morally, no. absolutely not. >> let's bring in our cnn's mark pressor. he's our editor here. he said that young was motivated by money but this is certainly explosive and imagine if edwards had been appointed to office or elected to office now it would be a huge fallout. >> it would be a huge fallout. you know something, young acknowledges that in fact he is motivated by the money. he said that in the book. he says that john edwards was going
sunday shows so maybe you don't have to. joining me now in washington where you can only find them right here together on "state of the union" james carvel and mary madeline. welcome. congratulations on the saints going to the nfc championships. >> i take back everything i ever said about reggie bush. i really apologize reggie, you were great yesterday. >>> i want to start on a serious note. i'll hold up the front page of the papers, "the new york times" this morning, every newspaper across the country dealing with haiti crisis. officials strain to dibt aid to haiti. that's the take in "the new york times." you saw the two former presidents, bill clinton and george w. bush coming together to raise money for this cause, reprise of what bill clinton and george h.w. bush did after the tsunami in south asia. we'll get to politics in a moment. assess the moment, two people who moved back to new orleans after katrina to make a statement of your own. >> one thing i want to say is the sense that katrina hit new orleans, when katrina happened, there was a lot of attention and a lot of things and
and break down the sound and the major issues. joining me in washington is cnn political krkter and democratic strategist donna brazile and the former deputy assistant secretary of state liz cheney. welcome. let's start with this debate, po both the policy and politics of the terror debate. the president came out this past week and he said i'm the president, the buck stops with me. he used an interesting term. your father, the former vice president, other conservatives have said this president has gone soft, doesn't view it as a war. the president did come out and said we are at war. were you satisfied with that? do you see from your perspective an improved obama response? >> no. i mean, i didn't think it was satisfactory. it requires more from your commander in chief than just saying we're at war. the president himself has to exercise daily, consistent, unwavering stewardship. if you look at the performance after the president of john brennan and homeland security secretary napolitano, you know, we had both of them say they were surprised that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula
ago. now scott brown is the toast of the republican party, and some say the toast of washington in the nation. the incoming massachusetts senator is on a three-day tour of his home state this weekend, thanking voters for their support. kate baldwin is on the road with brown today, and she joins us now. hello. you know, he's a star. you see the flashbulbs and everything. he's been all over, kate. >> reporter: you can see the flashbulbs behind me. the crowd is gathering her and has been here for a little over an hour now trying to get in here to see the senator scott brown. this is hethe last stop on essentially a thank you tour. a three-day victory lap as he vis crossed the state, and it's all about thanking the people who helped him secure what was widely seen as the surprise republican victory in a solidly blue state. people have been turning out at the event that we were at last night. an estimated 500 people at each event. a very big crowd in foxboro. as well. these events are light on campaign speech or policy talk of any kind, but we did have a moment to catch up with the s
behavior on wall street is rewarded but hard work on main street isn't. or why washington has been unable or unwilling to solve any of our problems. they're tired of the partisanship and the shouting and the pettiness. they know we can't afford it. so we face big and difficult challenges. what the american people hope, what they deserve, is for all of us, democrats and republicans, to work through our differences, to overcome the numbing weight of our politics. for while the people who sent us here have different backgrounds, different stories, different beliefs, the anxieties they face are the same. the aspirations they hold are shared. a job that pays the bills. a chance to get ahead. most of all, the ability to give their children a better life. and you know what else they share? they share a stubborn resilience in the face of adversity. after one of the most difficult years in our history, they remain busy building cars and teaching kids, starting businesses and going back to school. coaching little league and helping their neighbors. one woman wrote to me and said, we are strained bu
of washington. up toward philadelphia, even the counties on the shore -- on the jersey shore into ocean county. we have advisories posted, this all goes until tomorrow morning. watch out for more snow to accumulate. down in the carolinas, a winter weather advisory. what this means is temperatures will stay below freezing. all that ice that's on the ground will stay frozen. just be careful out there if you're traveling. we are still tracking the wintery weather not just into the south, but across much of the northeast. look at this, plenty of heavy snow, sweeping across delaware into maryland, and even up into new jersey and new york. our ireporters have been on the scene. and we have an ireport to show you of some of the snowfall accumulation. they're pretty outpy out there. in norfolk, virginia, you don't see a lot of snow. when you do, people talk about it. on average, they only see a few inches a year, barely if they get any. this time it covered most of the region. we're getting reports of 8 or 9 earths in norfolk, virginia. let's check out the current temperatures, 27 degrees at norfolk a
legislation passes in washington. >> and how would you like to be martha coakley this morning, jim? >> reporter: absolutely. she was -- according to some of the polling here, john, 30 points ahead in this race. 15 points ahead just in the last couple of weeks of this campaign. as we mentioned yesterday, we talked to one top democratic strategist from washington who was brought in to help rescue this campaign who told us that they were very upset down in washington that martha coakley went on vacation over the holidays instead of staying and campaigning for the senate seat. there are obviously going to be lots of postmortems about this race. she said the president called her and said, you know, we can't win them all. well, president obama knows that all too well. he campaigned side by side with creigh deeds in that governor's race in virginia, he lost there. he campaigned side by side with jon corzine in new jersey, lost there. then in the final days, the president came to massachusetts, campaigned side by side with martha coakley and went 0-3, john. >> i guess all you can say this
to the president's call to end the fighting in washington, d.c. they got together today, cameras rolling, questions flying. you can decide for yourself if they're walking the walk. >>> later, he barely blinked when the jury convicted him of first-degree murder. scott roeder had plenty to say about why he walked up to an abortion provider in church, put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. you'll hear it and we'll talk to the doctor picking up the victim eets practice. >>> what is shaping up to be one of the few bits of joy to come out of haiti these days. flight leaving port-au-prince with more than 120 orphans on board including we believe a little boy whose name is jonsley. he's being reunited with his cousins. he's beginning a new life. when we read the report you're about to see, his future wasn't so certain. we met him at an orphanage we visited many times in haiti. there are many more like it and many more girls and boys just like jonsley. take a look. these babies are still living in the back of a truck in the heat with the flies. with an uncertain food supply and a less certain future.
director from now on special cables to washington about suspicious people must also indicate whether that person has a u.s. visa like the suspect in this case did. and president obama will meet next week with officials involved in the review of what went wrong. the president has ordered a review of intelligence and travel procedures aiming to protect against future terror attacks. >> first to the suspected links between the alleged bomber and a radical cleric in yemen. investigators are digging into contacts they say umar farouk abdulmutallab had with that cleric anwar al awlaki. the same man involved with the suspect in ft. hood. here's jeanne meserve. >> reporter: a u.s. counterterrorism fushl says there are indications there was direct contact between the alleged detroit bomber, umar farouk abdulmutallab, and the radical yemen-based imam anwar al awlaki, but officials are still evaluating if al awlaki had a direct role in the detroit plot. the official could not comment on the nature of the communications or contacts between the men, how frequent they were, or when they occurred.
now from washington. stacey, i want to start right there, how do we know if those organizations are legitimate? >> unfortunately, that is a really important question to ask because, sadly, at these times, scam s do pop up. so you want to make sure that the organization already has people on the ground in haiti. many, many groups have been working there for years and already have a history. so one way to tell that they're not some fly by night thing is to be able to figure out that they've got a history. ask them what their track record is, what they've been doing and how they can prove it. >> you want to see a track record, history on the ground in haiti. you know, as this whole story has unfolded we've noticed so many of these organizations are talked about on the web. and particularly, on social networking sites. should i trust these organizations that are talked about on facebook, on twitter? >> some of the best information is actually coming on twitter and facebook because word of mouth in some ways, if you were talking to experts, that's actually a terrific way to be able t
the basic needs of hatians or how much it may cost to do it. barbara starr, cnn, washington. >> and then there's this -- preying on the earthquake's most vulnerable victims. humanitarian agencies say child molesters and traffickers are looking to exploit the chaos and confusion by stealing orphan children. anderson cooper takes an in-depth look on "360" beginning monday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. >>> everybody's happy for the new orleans saints. >> yeah, first time. >> going to the super bowl. after all that city's been through, this is a good way to forget about katrina. every game you watch, you hear the crowds say the same thing. w who dat? well, you may not hear it at the super bowl. the nfl says they own that phrase. >> that's really odd. and now a senator down in louisiana is fighting back. >> we'll give you the details on that. >>> and then there's the argument over, basically, who's going to win this super bowl, right? >> of course. >> who are you rooting for? >> you've got to root for the saints. peyton manningi ins ridiculous, though. it's hard
of the washington/baltimore area as well. ooh, that is gorgeous, but d.c. officials are urging people to postpone their errands until tomorrow, because while it looks pretty, it is also pretty dangerous stuff. meteorologist bonnie schneider is standing by in the cnn weather center. good to see you again. >> reporter: good to see you. >> well, people got hit pretty hard with this winter storm. >> this winter storm is really incredible, fredricka. 17 states, all elements of weather. you've got freezing rain and ice. you have blustery winds and then heavy snow and louisiana, got heavy thunderstorms and flooding. so it's, really, hit everybody but it's not over yet. check, take a shot of the radar. you can see the snow. we saw pictures in d.c. that is happening right now. realtime radar to show you the snow. and then down in virginia beach, we're getting freezing rain mixing with snow. so we call it a wintry mix. and this is going to continue for a while longer. and we've also been getting incredible i-reports in across the country because, as i mentioned, the storm affected so many places. check thi
collected for haiti survival kits. swarms of people are flocking to the haitian embassy in washington to drop off their donations. in fact, so many people want to help that traffic is backing up in the heart of the capital city. >>> cnn's larry king is once again reaching out this time to help the people of haiti. just as he helped the victims of hurricane katrina. on monday night larry king hosts a special two-our "larry king live" called haiti, how you can help. colin powell and queen rania are two of the guests that will be helping larry raise awareness about the devastation in haiti. monday night 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. >>> u.s. military rushing to get food to those who haven't eaten in days. guess what? cnn is along for the ride. getting help to those in need. >>> also, prayers and supplies for haiti. churches line up to give and to help. we're talking to the pastor of one of atlanta's largest congregations. >>> and political news tonight. a senate race in massachusetts that could go either way. why it matters to you and where you live. >>> we want to know what's on y
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